Where can I get a bell appraised?

The American Bell Association is a hobby organization for bell collectors and enthusiasts. It does not provide appraisal services for bells. We also do not have a list of certified bell appraisers to give you as a reference.

To aid you in your quest to determine the value of your bell, you could post a request on the “Bell Talk” Forum and ask if anyone could give you an opinion of the value of your bell. Your chances of getting a response will be increased if you also post a photo of your bell. Without a look at the bell, it would be difficult, indeed, for anyone to give you fair guidance. Please understand that any response would be the personal opinion of the responder and s/he would not be acting as a representative of the American Bell Association.

If you retained your purchase receipts, have books on the subject (refer to three books by Schiffer Publishing), have reviewed prices at online antique sites or local shops, or have copies of the yearly issue of The Bell Tower that reports on bells sold at ABA’s annual auction, you may be able to approximate values.

Sometimes, it’s only after extensive time as a member, meeting with others, and discussing bell purchases that you can feel comfortable with valuations.

What do you need to identify my bell?

An inquiry regarding a bell should include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Height of the bell
  • Diameter of the bottom of the skirt
  • Writing or engraving on the bell
  • Material from which the bell was made
  • History about the bell that you may have
  • Photo of the outside of the bell
  • Photo of the inside of the bell
What is the value of my bell?

The American Bell Association International, Inc. does not appraise bell(s) nor does it maintain a list of appraisers. However, some ABA members are glad to offer an opinion based on their research, experience in buying, and watching the prices of bells on eBay, in antique shops, at flea markets, and at auctions. Please bear in mind that if you were to ask for an opinion, it would be just that. The individual would not be an official representative of the American Bell Association.

How can I find a chapter near me?

Click here or the “Chapters” link on this page for a geographical list of all chapters nationally, and world-wide.