Bell Reference Books              

(The following books have been used by ABA members for bell research. The American Bell Association does not officially endorse the publications listed.)

NEW  “Bells” Music, Art, Culture, and Politics from Around the World  by Jaan Whitehead

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, Bells, Now and Long Ago, (no publisher named in book), 1995

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, Bell Tidings, (no copyright, publisher, or date named in book)

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, Bell Treasures, (no copyright, publisher, or date named in book)

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, Legendary Bells, (no copyright, publisher, or date named in book)

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, More Bell Lore, (no copyright, publisher, or date named in book)

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, The Lure of Bells, (no copyright, publisher, or date named in book)

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, The World of Bells, Wallace-Homestead Book Co., Des Moines, Iowa, 1971

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, World of Bells No. 2, Wallace-Homestead Book Co., Des Moines, Iowa, 1974

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, World of Bells No. 3, Wallace-Homestead Book Co., Des Moines, Iowa, 1977

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, World of Bells No. 4, (no copyright, publisher, or date named in book)

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, World of Bells No. 5, (no copyright, publisher, or date named in book)

Anthony, Dorothy Malone, World of Collectible Bells, (no copyright, publisher, or date named in book)

Bailey, Bernadine, Bells, Bells, Bells, Dodd, Mead & Company, NY, 1978

Baker, Donna S., Collectible Bells, Treasures of Sight and Sound, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen, PA, 1998

Baker, Donna S., More Collectible Bells, Classic to Contemporary, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen, PA, 1999

Banister, Judith, English Silver Hall-Marks: Including the Marks of Origin on Scottish & Irish Silver Plate, Gold, Platinum & Sheffield Plate: With 500 of the More Important Makers Marks from 1697-1900 (Dealer Guides), Wallace Homestead Publishers, 1975

Batchelder, Samuel, Poetry of the Bells, Riverside Press, 1858 (Note: There have been several printings of this book by different publishing companies.)

Boland, Ring in the Jubilee: The Epic of America’s Liberty Bell, Michael Charles 1973, The Chatham Press, Inc., Riverside, CT, 2010

Bicker, Manfred, Collecting Push Bells, Pro Business Publications Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2012

Bicker, Manfred, Collecting Table Bells, Pro Business Publications Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2013

Bicker, Manfred, P. Tereszczuk: Sculptor of Vienna Bronzes, Pro Business Publications Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2012

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Camp, John, Discovering Bells and Bellringing, Shire Publications Ltd., Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, UK

Camp, John, In Praise of Bells: The Folklore and Traditions of British Bells, Robert Hale, London, 1988

Chinese Bell Museum, Ancient Bells, Quan Jinyun, Series of the Gem of Beijing Cultural Relics, Chinese Bell Museum, Beijing, China, 1999

Coe, Debbie and Randy, Fenton Art Glass, Colors and Hand-Decorated Patterns, 1939-1980, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen, PA, 2007

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Fitzhugh, Bessie Lee, Bells Over Texas, Texas Western Press, El Paso, TX, 1955

Fletcher, Helen Jill, The First Book of Bells, Franklin Watts Inc., NY, NY, 1959

Goeppinger, Neil, Large Bells of America: History of Church Bells, Fire Bells, School Bells, Dinner Bells and Their Foundries, Neil W. Goeppinger, publisher, Suncoast Digital Press, Inc., 2016

Hatch, Eric, and Sloan, Eric, The Little Book of Bells, Duell, Sloan and Pearce, NY, 1964

Ingram, Tom Bells in England, David & Charles, London. 1954

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Kurillo, Max and Tuttle, Erline, A Guide to the Historic Bells of Mrs. A.S.C. Forbes: With Additional Information on the California Bell Company, self-published, 2004

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