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    Thanks so much for the links and i will definitely enjoy the lil bell, it makes a nice addition to my random collection of odd trinkets
    cheers 🙂

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    Hello again, sorry for taking so long to reply
    anywho, thanks so much for the links to the sites
    its funny because i actually contacted classic bells and sent them the pictures and description and the person i was in contact with said that there wasn’t really much they could tell me about the bell, they said that its clearly from someplace other than the british isles or north america and guessed it might be a traditional design from asia or nepal/india/tibet.
    I also tried the magnet test and it didn’t do anything with the bell but surprisingly enough it was the rattler inside (the pea?) that wanted to stick to it. I thought it was a rock but i guess not, its not completely round so I’m assuming its due to all the rolling around inside. Also, about the wear on the inside of the bell, the slit at the bottom of the bell is much thinner than the rest of the bell and i dont know if it would be visible in the pictures but the very edges of the slit has a slight outward lip to it so I’m assuming that would all be caused by the wear of the pea rolling around.
    The place i got it from is a large building and people pay for booths to sell their stuff but the actual people dont come in to sell, the staff that work there ring your purchases through and help the customers and thats it, so they didn’t know anything about the bell and i didn’t ask.
    If i ever get around to it i might post a rough sketch of what i can try to make out of the designs.
    So ya, i’ll have another little poke around those sites and i’ll be interested to know what you think if any of this info is helpful
    Thanks again 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)