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      I have a bell which is 27″ across the bottom, and 21″ tall (bell only-not counting bracketing). The rope wheel measures 30″ diameter, and the bearing pegs are 32″ outside to outside. Id like to get opinions on what this bell is worth.
      When my wifes parents moved from Kansas to Illinois in 1954, they bought a parsonage with a church which had long been unused. This was the local community church in this small town. In time the church needed to be torn down and we ended up with the bell.
      I have some pictures I hope to attach. The clapper is missing from this bell and I wondered where I might be able to find one also?
      Thanks ABA for any information!

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      That description is not enough to appraise your bell with any accuracy, I’m afraid.
      Those photos will help immensely, along with describing any letters or markings and the material of which the bell is cast, bronze or cast iron (steel), a magnet sticks to the steel, not bronze.
      Replacement clappers can be found at eBay where “LowerBells” also lists as “bellcastings” and offers bell parts. Make sure to get one sized for your bell.
      Good Luck

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