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      [attachment=2:2jhzdm62]bell1.jpg[/attachment:2jhzdm62][attachment=1:2jhzdm62]bell2.jpg[/attachment:2jhzdm62][attachment=0:2jhzdm62]bell numbers.jpg[/attachment:2jhzdm62]

      Pictured is a US Navy bell that came from a WWII vessel in the Susiun Reserve Fleet in San Francisco bay. It measures 9 7/8″ at the bell, 9 1/2″ tall and the letters are about 7/8″. I think I cleaned it with Brasso and then coated it with varathane 50 years ago. I would like to restore it and give it to my son. I will need a clapper and a wall mount. Any help will be appreciated. Also, maybe someone would know the origin of the bell from the numbers.

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