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      Hello All,
      Our family found three small humble looking bells in our Grandmother’s possessions. She was a member of the ABA and her collection was sold off in the early 1980’s. Just now in a box we found these little bells.

      Research has told us about the story of ‘good-luck’ bells given to flyers Of the 57th Bombideers. Priest/residents on Capri gave each flyman a bell during their one week of leave on Capri. There is a personal story written by a GI and the flyers jackets showing a bell stitched to the collar.

      At this point we are trying to find out how a collection of three bells went from Capri – to a airman of the 57th Flyer Group – to my dear old grandmother who rarely left her home!

      Does anyone have recollection or knowledge that these bells were sold or traded in the Portland, Oregon area between 1950 to 1970. These are the years of her good health post WWII. Remember, this was before social media, eBay and Craig’s List, so it would have had to be a person-to-person transaction. Any lead you can offer would be appreciated.

      Bea Sandberg

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Dear Bea,

      Your question, “Does anyone have recollection or knowledge that these bells were sold or traded in the Portland, Oregon, area between 1950 to 1970.” may be a hard one to answer. Frankly, I can only guess that it was common in the post-WWII era for antique dealers to buy up war memorabilia and resell it. Surely there must have been military personnel from WWII in the Portland, OR, area at that time. I’ve seen these bells on ebay.com from time to time, too.

      Currently, our local newspaper in New Hampshire has an ongoing daily ad telling of a person who is always looking to buy WWII memorabilia. There are still collectors of all kinds of war memorabilia.

      Good luck at finding an answer to your question! Sorry I couldn’t help.


      P.S. In your research, if you did not find the website: http://www.warwingsart.com/12thAirForce/luckybell.html, you may want to take a look at it to learn more about Capri bells and their history.

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