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      Brad in Saskatchewan writes:

      I have come across a bell that is said to have been used on a WW1 battle ship, looks like a signal bell of some sort, can I e-mail pic and get some advice on it and also value, seller is asking 225.00..( I do own a USN ship signal bell) Thanks Brad

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      Hard to judge it’s size from the photo but it appears to be a 20th century small replica of a 19th century locomotive bell instead of a ship bell. Doesn’t look 90 years old either. Save your money.

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      Just checked eBay. There’s one exactly like it (item# 380034525371) currently with 2 bids at $34. Someone has made up a WWI tale. Better buy the cheap one on eBay! If you’re in doubt about the authenticity of anything go to eBay. All the fakes and copies turn up in auctions.

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      This appears to be a brass bell and not bronze. Most ship bells would be cast of Admiralty Bronze (Gun Metal; 90%copper and 10% tin). A Battleship bell would be quite large. Most Naval bells utilize a lanyard attached to the clapper to strike the bell, not a rocker arm. This bell is a nice bell, but is not likely to be of any historic importance and is likely quite modern. I agree with the comment above, that you should be able to purchase this at a fraction of the asking price.
      Harry Long, MD

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      You are right this bell is a replica,a exspensive one at that…..I guess one should be leary of Kijiji also, for frauds and replica’s. I bought this bell them my request was put on bell talk after the purchase,I hear there was computer problem for this site, but anyways no big deal my loss and this bell will not surface as a original again.. thanx all for your info.

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      I’m sorry you got taken. Hope you will demand your money back. Can’t hurt to try.

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