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      [attachment=0:1h56noxo]Antique-bell-J-C.jpg[/attachment:1h56noxo]I’ve read all the forums here, on Evangelistic and Pelican Bells and have one, bought at a flea market forty years ago,that seems to be that type. However, it is far more rustic and very worn, with a green, “Statue of Liberty” color patina.

      Two sides of the bell and the top ring are rust colored, as though it rubbed against some sort of bell housing. The bell is four inches tall from top to bottom. The bottom of the bell is 2 5/8 inches wide. The thickness of the bell at the bottom is 1/8 inch, and is considerably thinner at the spot where the clapper must have hit when rung. No clapper was attached when I purchased the bell, one metal nub remains where it appears 2 metal pieces held the clapper. The round ring at the top, cast at the same time as the bell, has a round hole in the top. The turquoise paint splotch is from 20 years ago, when I was painting the room and dropped the brush on it.

      The remaining letters visible on the upper band are “EVS +S JCHATH”. The EVS is likely the end of the word Matthew, and since the JC…is written above what appears to be a pelican, I assume it is for Jesus Christ. The bell is heavy in the hand, and rings with a melodic note when struck. The inside is rough, like sandpaper and highly patinated.

      Can anyone can give me more information on the origin or date of this interesting bell? Thank you!

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