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      Went to Eastern Canada this summer, got a few bells to share with you!

      Here’s one of my favorites from this holiday. Not an overly expensive or fancy, it’s a wonderful piece of hand made wooden farmware!

      From Thailand, it’s an animal bell that’s been hand carved and sports two wooden externally mounted clappers.
      Everything hangs from a rope, the clappers on each side pivot in a shoulder mount on nail hinges and that ride up the rope to snug up against the bell side.
      The whole thing simply ties around the neck of the animal and makes a great ringing / clacking sound somewhat similar to the brass cowbell but muted.

      The bell is a 5″ tall by 2.5″ diameter truncated cone shape with thick sides as the drilled hole is only 1″ in diameter! To gain additional resonance, the bell has been slit 2/3rds of the way up on each side with a small drill hole at the top like is done for crotal bells. (The hole helps relieve the stress on the end of the cut so that it doesn’t crack out from the vibrations).

      It’s a great piece!



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