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      I was given this bell 20 years ago and was wondering what possible origin it may have I haven’t been able to get the photo to download

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      Wfssrq, Welcome!

      Looks like you have a very interesting bell. Feel free to contact me if you need help uploading photos.

      To help you we will need a bit more to go on though.
      What are the bell’s dimensions? (Height of bell, Width of bell, Height of the hanger tang)
      What is on the inside? (type of clapper, how it is hung, any marks?) (photo too please!)
      Have you tested all parts with a strong magnet? (what results?)
      Where did you obtain it? (not looking for “xxxxxx’s shop”, but what area of what country?)
      Can you also give us a photo showing more of the side? (Is the pattern the same all around? How many times repeated? 4 diamonds? 3?)

      At first ‘off the cuff’ blush (so don’t hold me to it!) it appears you may have something from Tibet but we really need more to go on please!


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      Would like to see a pic. Possibly a Shriners memorabilia item.

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