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      Here’s an interesting bell with apparently some age to it. Dutch obviously. No markings on it that I can find.

      Obviously a wind mill design with a spinning set of 4 blades that protrude about 3/4 of an inch from the bell itself.

      It’s all brass construction as near as I can see.

      Vital stats:
      3″ tall
      1 3/4″ at the bell.

      Very rough interior with an iron ball clapper.

      The original owner is supposed to have paid over $100 for it, if that helps, and bought it many decades ago. I gather it’s an inherited piece. My guess is from a dutch immigrant as a reminder of home.

      Can anyone out there shed some light on it? Is it as old as claimed? It’s a very heavy piece.


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      This is a Dutch Windmill bell. I’ve seen newer versions that are not as heavy and with lighter detail that are sold today in the Netherlands as souvenir bells. Your bell is heavier than the more current bells and is probably at least 40-50 years old. If the original owner paid $100 for it, he could have bought 4-5 for that same price. It is an interesting bell and is a unique part of any collection.
      Harry Long, MD

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