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      ovidiu oana

      It is said that once, long ago, a master lived secluded in the mountains of China.

      He was always cheerful, smiling at you and everyone who came along. One of his students, being curious to know how the master is always happy, asked one day, “Master, where does this continuous smile on your face come from?”

      “From the wind chimes”, replied the master.

      “How so?”

      “Whenever silver bells ring at my door, they include a boundless joy! It means that someone comes and the arrival of someone, even just to wind, fills me with joy every time.”

      Thinking there would be something magical in them, the student decides to steal the chimes that night. He went into his house and sat at the gate and waited for the miracle to happen. But he did not feel anything when they sounded. Moreover, after a week, the bells began to annoy the student on his way out!

      When everything became unbearable, the student became remorseful. He went back to his master to return his chimes. He asked forgiveness many times, and when he was sure that the master had forgiven him, he asked the question that bothered him:

      “Why does nothing happen to me when the bells ring? Why does the joy I see in you not appear in me?”

      “My dear,” replied the master, “where did you sit when you listened to the chimes?”

      “At the gate of my house, Master!”

      “Well, you see, I had to sit at the gate of your soul.”


      After such a nice story, I invite you to see same of my wind bells with interesting design, all of them different from tubular bells we know:

      First one is from Germany:

      Second is from India, a quintuple bell:

      Third bells I got from China and is associated with sun and moon:

      Thank you for reading!

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