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      this church bell was placed in a church that was built about 1916. the church was closed, and the bell was removed and used as a victory bell on the local high school, but it appears the bell’s words were filed off.
      does anybody know who could have made this bell? the only inscription seen is a number its looks like it could be 38 but I know that is for the size. Please help me Identifiy this bell for me.[attachment=1:309npxo2]2.jpg[/attachment:309npxo2][attachment=0:309npxo2]4.jpg[/attachment:309npxo2][attachment=2:309npxo2]3.jpg[/attachment:309npxo2]

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      Dusty: Made by CS Bell Co in Hillsboro, Ohio. Enter “hillsboro” in the search (above right) for lots of posts concerning the company and it’s bells. Filing off the company name? What a stupid thing for someone to bother to do!

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      There are a lot of bells in Hillsboro style which don’t bear the C.S.Bell name – either blank or the name of the retailer through which they were sold. But your second photo does seem to show that the original name was ground off. I have seen a couple of bronze bells where that was done, possibly to obscure the fact that the bell was second-hand. But why your bell was treated so, especially since it wasn’t then disguised with paint, is surely a mystery.

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      the bell once hung in a Church and then it was given to the local high school, for a victory bell. and now the school district has no use for it, so I’m trying to get it back for the church because we are building a new church and closing the others here.

      so they might have removed the words when it was given to the school as a gift.

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