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      Ron in San Tan Valley writes:

      I have been trying to research the history of a farm cast dinner bell that I got through my folks and my grandfather in Dayton, Ohio many years ago… It has only markings of a #3 on it.. It has a diameter of ~ 15 1/2″…. Thought that it was a CS Bell since they were just outside of Cincinnati many years ago and thought that it was theirs.. Have been working with Sandra at Prindle Station Bells and do not believe it was made by them.. Have pictures of it and does have certain similar style of certain parts.. Sandra suggested to contact you as to where it would have been made…Really appreciate your help. The folks that know of its history are know longer here and I did not ask questions or did remember if I was told of its history…

      I have attached a few pictures to show my grandfathers farm bell from Dayton, Ohio area; know that it is at least 75 years old or more. Other history is at the bottom of email.. If need greater details please let me know…

      Upright Dimensions:
      16 ¾” I.D.
      19” O.D.
      Base 4 ½” wide
      Height 5”

      Seamless Cast Bell bottom diameter 15 ¾”, with height ~ 9”

      There in a No. 3 cast on Upright base as well as No.3 on the Yoke

      Really appreciate your help……….Thx, Ron

      If you can help, please post a response.
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      Ron: It’s a Fredericktown, Ohio (Foote Foundry) bell. Most Foote bells have Fredericktown cast into the yoke but not all. The foundry has been in continuous operation since 1851 and has a website with a photo of the original building. Bell production ran from the 1870’s until 1910. I was told this many years ago by an elderly gentleman who had worked there in his youth. Go to our search (above right) and type in Foote or Fredericktown for more info.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      The bell may have been made by the Fredericktown, Ohio firm but I don’t know the shape of their cradles well enough to know that. The shape of the yoke is about right for that firm, however. The clapper, bell shape with the small top as a percentage of the diameter of the mouth of the bell, and the ridge just above the lip of the bell all are indicitive of dinner bells made prior to 1880, and likely before the civil war. The shape of the cradle is not that of the C. S. Bell Co of Hillsboro, Ohio. A number of firms including the C. S. Bell Co and the American Bell Co made bells without their names on them for sale by catalogue companies such as Henry Field and Co, Montogomery Ward, Sear Robuck, etc. Thus there are many iron and steel bells around with no name or city on them.
      — Neil

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