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      I would love more information on this bell if anyone can help. I’ve searched all over the Internet and cannot find something similar. I suspect that he was holding a flag, but would like to know for sure. There is a letter “B” on the bell and the number “13.” I thought, perhaps, 13 referred to the original 13 colonies,but I’m not sure. Anyone know what the B is?

      Any other information would be greatly appreciated, such as date and possible value.

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      Hello Jane

      Sorry that you have not received any information.
      I dont have that knowledge personally but will pass this on to our ABA members and hopefully you will get the information that you are seeking.

      David Elliott
      ABA website coordinator

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      I have never seen this bell before but I can’t help but wonder if is a “marriage” bell, meaning that the figurine handle is not original to the bell on the bottom. I really don’t know.

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