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      Hi Bell Talk,
      My name is Jared and I work at a computer repair business. I recently was cleaning out the basement of our building and found an old looking bell.

      I am curious as to what it is, where its from, what its uses are, and how much its worth.

      I have taken some pictures to help in the identification of the bell.

      Any information is greatly appreciated!

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      Hi Jered,

      What you have is an “open mouth” animal bell and I will refer you to the following posting for further reading.


      Your bell most likely had a leather strap similar the the bell show in the posting that I am refering you to and was looped on a collar around a horse or pack animal.

      For other discussion threads about animal bells search our forum by keying in the words at our search box upper right corner of page.

      Hope you enjoy your “bell find!”


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