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      I have been given an small brass bell from my ageing mother, and she says “it was found in an old cellar”.
      It is about 4 inches high,looks old, with a womans head with a bonnet on the top, used for the handle.On the bell, are varoius pictures including knights fighting on horseback, three bearded figures approaching someone sitting down. I think it has two coats of arms and a mans head surounded by flowers.One figure i cant make out (might be a tree)
      There is an encryption at the base.
      ANNO-1369 (possibly 1569)-F.HERRON-AMEN-EXIT.
      I read a similiar item on your site, and would very much like to know what i have, if anything.
      Any advice would be welcome.

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      Peter Hyde

      Hi Bradd

      I live in the New Forest in Hampshire. If you would like to email photos of your bell I will see if I can help.



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      Hi Brad,

      I believe the language to be Latin. What you have is a Hemony Bell – the one you describe is commonly called “The Crone”. The base of the bells generally have words which translate “F Hemony made me in the year 1569” It is now widely accepted that the bells were not actually made that year. No one really knows the story of why the base has this saying except that it is thought to have been a copy of a prior bell. There was an excellent article about these bells in an old Bell Tower. I can look it up this weekend and copy it for you if you are interested.

      Laura Murgia

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