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      Not sure if this is a school bell, mission bell or something else.
      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank you,
      Janine (ladyjane)

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      Good day Janine!

      Could we also get the dimensions of the bell, and a shot of the inside to see; clapper (and how it is attached) and where it strikes against the side of the bell skirt please?

      Do you have any history of where/how you acquired the bell? Area of origin can be helpful in narrowing down the choices.

      Finally can you put a strong magnet to various parts to see if it sticks? Gives an idea of the metal composition.

      At first blush, you appear to have a ‘local’ made (as opposed to manufactured), possibly ‘one off’ bell. The pour, having blemishes, and the simple but ‘fuzzy’ designs tend to support someone making a local sand cast bell for a school or mission of some sort. It’s a bit large, if I am seeing the size correctly from the photos, for a home use bell. It takes quite a bit of effort to make something that big. It appears to have been made either by a talented artist trying this medium or someone who doesn’t make a lot of these bells professionally, like a local blacksmith. The flaws and designs would be buffed out and sharper from a professional manufacturer, generally speaking.

      If you are near Mexico, then there were a lot of individuals making fake ‘mission’ bells to sell (still are) to the unsuspecting. They fake the patina etc. and then charge a good price for the result. Very few are authentic and many are only a few years old.

      Hope this helps!

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      Neil Goeppinger

      I agree with this likely being a bell made in Mexico.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      From the size, shape and ornamentation, I rather think the bell is either African or from the Middle East. The leather on the top of the bell also leads me to think that is it’s origin.

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