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      Maria asks us:

      We have a bell that has hand inscriptions: San Cirilo, Ano de 1675 (St. Cirilo, a Saint, of the year 1675). Can you tell me if you have come accross something like this? My husband lived in Connetticut and acquired it there in the 70’s, at an estate sale.

      3 1/2 inches in diameter
      6 1/2 inches high

      the engravings by hand – carved with a tool (not by machine): San CIRILO, “Ano D 1675*”

      I do not know the material but it is: brownish, dark, lots of marks of wear and tear.

      Anything you can provide will be helpfull. Thank you

      If you can help, please post a response.

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      Maria. Quite a nice bell, I have no idea the origion of the bell. As far as the wording on the bell , yes it was hand done. Someone cut these various fonts into the bell, for any number of reasons. Not having the bell to have a close up of the cuts, width and depth, etc it is hard to say if the person was a novice or an experenced engraver. Possibly done by or for a devout Catholic. When this engraving was done we will probably never know. You can make this bell anything you want, as with all bells they were ment to be enjoyed. Max

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      Saint Cirilo of Alexandria was the Patriarch of Alexandria in 425 AD. His claim to fame was the development of the belief in the Trinity which he successfully defended in eclesiastic court. His name was later applied to the Cyrillic alphabet of the Slavic languages by Peter “The Great”. I can’t find any link to the year 1675. This bell appears to be of recent manufacture and probably is one of the many Mexican bells that are produced with various dates and names.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Mr. Long and Max, Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate you both taking the time. If you are interested at all to see this particular bell let me know perhaps on a trip of one of us we could meet.

      Thank you

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