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      Carolyn Whitlock

      We asked Sandra Wilson of Prindle Station Bells in Washoougal, WA, if she could tell us what the numbers on the C.S. Bell Company’s bell yokes mean. She kindly told us the following:

      · The number in the center of the yoke is the size number. This sizing is used for bells 20” to 54” by the C.S. Bell Co. Other bell makers also used the sizing system and some did not. Bell makers did not standardize their dimensions or their designs.

      · Smaller bells, displayed numbers on the yoke, merely assigned to them as they were made larger, not an indication of diameter size. This category of bells is mounted on a post with a single mount upright. The #62 is the smallest of the Farm Bell line, called a Patio Bell by the company. The #1, #2, #3, #3 ½, and #4, all size numbers for farm bells increase in size by the increasing number. The #1 is called a Dinner Bell and the larger farm bells are categorized as Farm Bells.

      · The #4 bell is the largest of the farm bell line and does not use a single mount upright, but, a pair of A-Frames mounted on a platform or in a belfry.

      · The #20 to #28 were sold as school bells and the larger, #30 to #54 were sold as church bells. We frequently find the molder’s date inside the bowl of church bells which indicate the date the bell was poured at the foundry.

      · The patterns for the large bells, #4 and larger, have been retired and are no longer available to manufacture bells or provide bell parts for existing bells. Only the smaller bell line, Kid Callers and Farm Bells continue to be manufactured, by Prindle Station Bells.

      · Prindle Station Bells purchased the patterns from the C.S. Bell Co in 1992 and we have continued to manufacture C.S. Bell Co bells in the USA. We take pride in our C.S. Bell Co patterns that we may be the oldest bell maker continuing to manufacture quality bells that will stand the test of time as they continue to ring for generations to come.

      You can learn more about Prindle Station Bells on their website at http://prindlestation.com/. They also sell bell parts.

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      Do prindle station have the larger patterns in storage? Were they scrapped?

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      I have no idea. You can contact them via their website:

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