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      Phil in the U.K. writes:

      Hi I hope you might help me. I have an american railroad bell which I shipped over a while ago, it is stamped with various numbers on the bell 2360, 1287, 2730 and the number 2819 appears 3 times. The yoke is marked C, A5231, 24199, YI, CE5231. The bell diameter is approx 16.5 inches with a very large brass ball on the top. I have photos if you would like more info. The whole things stands approx 2 1/2 feet tall. If you have any info or can put me in touch with anyone who can help I would be very grateful. Many thanks Phil

      If you can help, please post a response.

      This inquiry was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. Responses are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.

      Phil has sent this photo of his railroad bell:


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