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      Often the ABA Internet Coordinator receives inquires from someone wanting to know about a recent bell “find”. I thought I would share the following from Cathy:

      I live in King Williams Town Eastern Cape South Africa. The bell was dug up on a farm in Cathcart close to where I stay. It is 10cm height (3.93701 inches) – / 8cm width (3.14961 inches ) and weighs 800 grams (1 pounds and 12.22 ounces) The handle is missing. Made of brass. I have sent a few close up photos. As you can see it has plenty detail. I may be wrong but it looks like something to do with Ganesha {Gandarah }.

      Can anyone shed some light on this bell – what deity might be depicted on this bell and how old might this bell be?

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      I am wondering if you don’t have a buddha temple bell?
      Look at this picture, it seems to some what match the top part of the bell, even to the lotus leaves.

      What do you think? Is it close?


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      Hi Rona,

      I’m new to this group and after seeing your post here thought I’d offer my limited knowledge. Ganesh almost always appears with an elephant head and very rarely with more than one head. So I doubt Ganesh is correct.

      There is another possibility besides Garry’s Buddist theory.

      The Hindu God, Lord Brahma appears with four heads, looking in four directions like your bell – this may be a possibility.


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