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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Frank in Missouri asks the ABA:

      Hello! I own an 1886 Montgomery Wards Farm/Church bell, # 4 yoke. It’s 19 1/2 inches at the base. The bell is in great shape, just a small amount of rust covers it (it’s smooth to the touch), and no damage to the cast iron. It’s been stored out of the weather since the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Its been in my family since purchased new from Montgomery Wards catalog in the late 1800’s. Since that time, no one still alive in my family can tell tell me: *What color it was when new? *Also, Is it worth more to buyers/collectors restored to factory condition or not? Thank You for your time. I look forward to any info you can give me. Sincere Regards, Frank

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      Guessing that a farm/ranch/plantation bell would be cast steel; they were normally black, if sand blasted clean a can of black enamel spray paint will do a great job of restoration. Ardis (MN)

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