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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Mike from Arizona asks the ABA:

      The HY Stuckstede BF Co 1897 Bell. Inside bell has two metal straps that have two fasteners on each that appear to have been maybe rubber to “dampen” the ringer? Also, how best to clean bell. Bell was on Lutheran church in Kulm, N.D. and are reinstalling in Arizona.

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      Those are clapper springs, originally equipped with rubber or leather or composite pads. (You can replace those pads if you are going to swing the bell and if the springs are still functional.) The purpose of clapper springs is to keep the clapper from lying against the bell, or double-striking, or otherwise misbehaving, especially if the bell ringer at the end of the rope is unskilled. When the clapper swings from one side of the bell to the other, it has enough momentum to overpower the spring and strike the bell once. After that, it can’t touch the bell again until the reverse swing takes it to the other side.

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