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      Athena in California writes:

      hi, i don’t think i’m curious enough about bells to be a member, but i do have a bell related dillemna i’m hoping someone can help me with. I’ve recently inherited an old schoolhouse (built in the 1890’s). It was a very country schoolhouse built for a small community of farm families in a little town called Atwater, in California. The school was moved and converted into a residence around 1910 to 1912. At the top of the gable a wrought iron support still is afixed where a school bell once hung. I am being told the support is flimsy, however i am attempting to preserve original integrity and would like to mount a bell again. The problem is knowing what to put and i suspect weight is important. I have a picture of the house circa 1912 (shortly after it’s conversion to a residence) as well as a current photo (porches were framed in, and made into additions in the 1940’s) but i really want to replace the old school bell using the original hardware that’s still atop the gable. Please advise if you can help. I can send these pictures to assist. thanks so much in advance.

      i wish i had the bell…no idea what happened to the original as that was approximately 100 years ago. I have pictures of the house, (was a schoolhouse for about 15 years) and the house, to this day, still has the original mounting wrough iron support for the bell, but no bell. See pictures attached. I am searching for a bell, but need to know what to look for…size and especially weight…the first file is the house circa 1912 and the second picture is the house as it is today…thanks so much. athena

      Note from Admin: As you can see, the bracket that hangs in the gable is not a particularly heavy duty one. Can anyone suggest what size bell Athena should be looking for and where she might find one?


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      A school of this size would probably have had a cast steel C.S. & Co. bell #20 or #22. You should be able to find one for less tha $1000. A small country school would not have had a bronze bell.
      Harry Long, MD

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