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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Paul in Minnesota asks the ABA:

      I’m a trustee for the First Congregational Church of Anoka, United Christ of Christ and have been placed in charge of the restoration of our church bell. I’m seeking information about our church bell as the manufacturing company is out of business. It is a 24 inch Fredericktown “O” Bell Company. I’ve only been able to obtain some limited information from the Frederickton Historical Society website. I have photo’s of the bell and would be happy to e-mail to your association. Specifically, I’m trying to determine when the bell was manufactured (period). It appears the company was in operations from 1851 to 1930. Unfortunately, there are no photographs of the bell styles the company produced over the years. I have located and contacted the Lower Bell Company for the replacement parts we need to fix the bell. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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      Paul: The company cast bells from the 1870s until around 1910. This was told to me in 1971 by an antiques dealer in his 90s. He worked at the Fredericktown foundry for six years beginning when he was 14.

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