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      Paul asks:

      I live in Alaska and just became the proud owner of an 8 inch, about 30 pounds, “Vulcan” dropped forged bell made in the USA. It has the most beautiful tone when rung. I would like to find out more information about it. On it is written: Vulcan hh-5 dropped forged made in USA. I thank you for any information you may find out about it and might join because i just love this bell. Thank you.

      I will send you two e-mails with pictures of my bell. I am so excited about my bell. I had looked up other bells on the net but they are expensive. I got mine at an estate auction for very little. Boy, am I excited, the bell has the most pleasant tone. I have windchimes around the house and this will make it even nicer. I am visually impaired and help my Lions Club volunteering for charity. So I look to joining the ABA hopefully next month some time.

      I will attach more pictues. The bell is 16 inches tall with the hook, and 8 inches across the bell. It will be interesting to see if anyone knows anything about the bell. Anyways I think I have a treasure and I just love it. I am looking for something to hold it so I can put it up. I just love it. Thank you. Paul

      Response #1

      ….I have viewed the picture of Paul’s “bell”. My first reaction is……in no way could this be a bell! My second thought about is the same as my first reaction, and that’s as far as I care to take it.

      Response #2

      I’m wondering if this Company might be able to shed some light on that “Vulcan” marked “bell”.

      Corporate Mission: Vulcan Forge is forging ahead to be the Best in the West. We serve OEM’s and other job shops and make a difference by being accessible to our customers and by carrying an inventory of finished goods and raw materials and by being a low cost operation. For more than 40 years, we’ve been manufacturing closed-die forged products that meet the diverse needs of customers in a wide range of markets.
      Purpose and Capabilities: Our purpose is to make forgings for our customers whose products require mechanical integrity and affordability. We are a commercial producer of close tolerance, closed-die forgings made of carbon, alloy, stainless steels, brass, and aluminum. We produce forgings from .1 to 25 lbs. in weight. Our production equipment includes a variety of hammers and presses; other capabilities include upsetting, coining, piercing, machining, heat treating, and wheelabrating.

      Forge die and related manufacturing tooling are designed, produced, and serviced in-house. Plastic prototypes can be furnished through sterolithography based on 3-D CAD generated drawings, thereby facilitating product design prior to making the forged dies. For more Information E-mail: info@vulcanforge.com

      Response #3

      The pictured bell looks a lot like the ones made from the bottom of an acetylene or oxygen canister. I’ve never seen one painted like the one in the picture, but I’ve seen them for sale and they do have a very nice tone. They are also very heavy as those canisters are thick to take the high pressures of the gas. New they are expensive (for one thing, because of the weight, the shipping is high). Used, who knows?

      Paul adds:

      thank you for the imput on my bell. i do not know if the paint job on the bell is origional or not, but i do not want to change it if it is. carolyn, the bell is starting to rust inside, would it be ok to use a rust preventative on the inside or is that a no-no? my dad now rings the bell in setead of my door bell. everyone here likes itl i was going to talk to the auction company who had the estate sale if they could find any information from the family on the belll. untill then. one happy ringer paul


      This inquiry was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. Responses are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.

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