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      Hello! I have a bell that was in my grandfathers bell collection. I would like to see if anyone might have an opinion on the approximate value. This bell is solid brass and weighs 4 lbs. 9.5 ozs. The skirt diameter is 6.7/8 inches. From the bottom of the skirt to the top of the handle is 9 inches.

      The bell has an engraving on it that reads: “This Bell was Taken from the German Battleship “VON DER TANN” Scuttled at Scapa Flow 1919 Raised 1931 Presented to Hillhead Bowling Club 1945 By Mr. A.D. Meiklejohn”. I did a little research and the Hillhead Bowling Club was in Europe.

      Don’t know much else about the bell and my grandfather stopped collecting around 1960. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you! Steve

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