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      I am looking for the part opposite the bell pull. A little creature of some sort is missing. Looks like it screws into place.

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      Hi and welcome to our forum!

      A photo of your bell would be helpful in exploring what is missing from the bell. For posting of photos, please refer to: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3776

      I hope you get some great responses to your question.
      Please understand though, that this organization is an all-volunteer one and our members may not answer your question promptly. So please have patience.

      Bellfully yours,

      Rona Kesselman
      American Bell Association International, Inc.
      2011-2012 President and
      Internet Coordinator

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      I have a bell like yours and have seen a few pictures on line of others that are more ornate then mine. From what I can see this is a baby dragon gargoyle. At first one may think it is a dog but if you look closely you can see that its tail is too long and puffy and curled at the end to be that of a traditional dog PLUS it has wings on both opposing sides. I have always heard and/or read of dragons and gargoyles being good luck and more importantly protectors of ones home and family. From other postings I have read that these bells with the dragon gargoyle are seen in the South of France and in Norther Italy. Looking at the design itself I could easily see this being from either regions. I will try to send you a picture of mine. I cannot seem to load the pic because the file is too large. But Facebook me at Crystal Drebing and you can see my photo album of the Whomever Touches Me Hears My Voice Dragon Gargoyle Bell. Hope this helps;D

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