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      ovidiu oana

      There are not so many data about viking’s bells history, but they used this as instruments as a lot of artefacts demonstrate.
      internet can provide you images of this artefacts as I post below.

      In 10th and 11th-century England, we see the copying of Scandinavian styles of jewellery and dress accessory in cheaper materials, From South Northants, we have this lovely (and naff) lead strapend. The period also sees the development of distinctive ‘hybrid’ forms of material culture, known as the Anglo-Scandinavian and Hiberno-Norse schools. The latter is represented by distinctive ‘Norse bells’, which seem to come originally from the Irish Sea area, and may have been dress accessories, or could perhaps have had a role in falconry. There is a good example from South Northants, which is all the more interesting as its decoration is not typical of the type.
      according to:

      I have also in my collections few very old original pieces with classic shape as:
      Viking Bronze Pendant with bells

      Here you find a description of a film “The long ships” talking about a bell legend of vikings:

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