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      Hi all,

      I found a wonderful video of a tour and demonstration (and jam session!) of a carillon at University of Chicago. It’s the second largest carillon in the world and I wanted to share it with you. In the second half of the video the carillon player gives a short history of carillons. Joey Brink is the carilloneur and Rob Scallon is the person with the youtube channel who is conducting the tour. Here is the video:

      Carillon Tour

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      Hello beckquarius

      Sorry about my delay in replying, just catching up with myself.
      Thank you so much for posting this, its very interesting.

      We have an ABA YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZTI87SK9pELSObggAHPF_w
      It would be good to have this video on our channel so I will see if I can contact Rob and Joey to get permission to do this.
      Either way, I will bring this to the attention of our ABA members.

      Thanks again
      David Elliott
      ABA website coordinator

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