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    I am contacting your for a friend (really I am) who doesn’t have computer access. She has what she thinks is a very old
    black iron wall or post mounted bell with a rooster at the top of the arch and a bull head at the bottom. The bell itself is 6″ diameter at the widest part and 5″ tall. I have attached a photo. I have bought several of the cheap iron bells recently for decoration that I assume were made in China. This bell is basically the same design, with exception to also having a figure on the top, which could have been added later. However, though this bell looks like the heavy iron, this metal is so very lightweight, it amazes me. Could anyone hazard a guess as to its age and value. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated. There is something engraved into the back of the bell, but I cannot read it. I am trying to get my friend to see if she can, and if so, I will add to my post. Thanks.

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    I am back with what the owner could make out engraved on the bell: BMIG92 1389.

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