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      We have these two small antique bells that we would like someone to ID/value for us. We obtained them from a relative about 16 years ago from a relative. Since then, she has passed and we have no way of knowing how long she had them.

      One bell is 2 inches high and has a skirt diameter of 2 inches. It is light weight metal (I don’t know what kind.) and has a raised painted design. There is no seam in the bell so it appears to be cast as one piece.

      The second bell is 1 3/4 inches high and has a skirt diameter of 1 inch. It appears to be brass and has some etchings on the outside. It also has no seam so it may have been cast as one piece.

      I have attached a picture of the first bell, inside and out, and the outside of the second bell. The forum will only let me attach three pictures. If you need the inside of the second bell, let me know.



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      Carolyn Whitlock


      The colorful bell of yours is a cloisonne (a kind of enamel) bell. Although yours may be “older”, they are still being made. It is not unusual to find them for sale in gift catalogs, especially this time of year when the Christmas catalogs fill our mailboxes! Bells and Christmas go together! You are apt to find many of them listed on online auction sites at any given time. I suggest you research the current value by looking there to see what people are asking.


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