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      Angela writes:

      I have a large 14″ diameter bell that is solid brass that I obtained from a garage sale today 8/3/08. It is very large in size and the owner said it came from a railroad originally. No railroad name was given at the sale, we currently have the bell polished up and wonder what it is worth??? Following are the #’s around the top side of the bell to reference and hopefully give you and idea of what we have. LYG, DY9, 233 in small #’s, 2723, 1268 in very large print and 2116 and some of the #’s appear to be mixed with another #. Can you help to provide the value as I do e bay sales and tossed around listing it there. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! Angie

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      This does, in fact, appear to be a railroad bell. Do you have the bracket for it? This would add to its value. The clapper is designed to swing, so this bell did not operate as a stationary bell with a hydraulic piston ringing mechanism, placing its age at pre-WWII. As is, this bell is proabably worth between $500-$1000. If it had a complete bracket and some history of which railroad it came from and engine number, the value could rise the more information that is available. Unfortunately, this bell was probably stripped of its hardware and sold for scrap and you may never get its history or original bracket.
      Harry Long, MD

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