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      Larissa Franczek, one of our members in Russia has sent a link and writes:

      I am sending a link for the Forum. http://benzinych.ru/benzin/6512 Some time ago in the Bell Tower magazine I wrote an article about Valday Bells in Russia. There were some pictures in it, too. They are displayed in the Valday Bell Museum. The link is an article (not mine) about those bells and the Museum. It’s in Russian but its pictures are real great! At the very end of the article there is a list of more pictures: museum_bells_2009_expo_01_2800 and so on.

      Some of these bells will just take your breath away! Here’s a teaser:

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      Kallie Bell Gal

      Thank you for posting this item. What an absolutely beautiful display of bells!!


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      Charles in California asked me to post this message:

      Charles here: I enjoyed the bronze church bell article from Russia very much! My thank you to the Russian member! The photos showed beautiful bell castings! If our membership would like to learn what happens to church bells during a war, they should rent or purchase the movie “Peter The Great”. I could not find it on DVD. I found the VHS tape only, on one of the auction sites on the Internet. The movie was produced in 1994. I bought a copy because it is such a great historical story! The price is about $4.83 used. It is a 2 tape set. It has the following actors & actress: Sir Lawrence Olivier, Maximilliam Schell, & Venessa Redgrave. I believe the movie was a joint European/Russian film production. HRH Peter is about to go to war with King Charles of Sweden over a port city Russia claims & needed for a life-line to the Baltic Sea. HRH Peter ran-out of copper metal while casting new bronze cannon. I believe it was bronze cannon, but iron cannons maybe were cast too. His advisor suggested, we have tons of metal, {bronze?} hanging in our churches! So do the great church bells come down to be melted into cannons? A battle of Church vs. State! I will not spoil the story by telling you who won this battle {smile}! You have to see this movie folks! This is a good story of why old bells are very hard to come-by after several wars in a row in many countries. I believe during the America Civil War the South also melted down church bells to be casted into bronze cannons!

      Best Wishes Charles in So. California..

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