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      I have recently located a Large Bronze Bell. Embossed on one side with USLHS 1928. On the other side it has E.A.Williams & Sons Foundry. It does not have the clappers. It has a large 2 1/2″ hole in the middle with 4 approx 3/4″ holes used for mounting on the top of the bell.
      We are very interested in obtaining any information regarding this Bell. We are wondering what its value might be? Where can we go to research where this bell was originally located?
      Any direction or information will be greatly appreciated.

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      This is a US Light House Service Bell. The E. A. Williams Bell Foundry was in Jersey City, NJ and cast bells for the USLHS. They were used as Fog Bells at Light Houses, on Light Ships, and on Channel Buoys. The larger bells (600 lbs) were used at lighthouses. This bell is a rarity. You may be able to get its history from the US Light House Society. Its value is dependent on its size, history, and condition. If it was simply a buoy bell, it will not be as valuable as if it were from a light ship or light house.
      HJLong, MD

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