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      I’m restoring an old C.S. Bell #2 farm bell that has some rust spots. I’ve been cleaning it with a wire brush and there is definitely some corrosion on the inside. I want to preserve as much of the metal as possible. Once I’m finished removing the paint, organic matter, rust, etc, is a rust converter recommended before applying a coat of enamel? Or should I get every last bit of rust off before priming and painting? I want to preserve the bell as best I can for the long haul. I’m sort of a “do it right the first time” kind of person, so any advice would be much appreciated.

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      Carolyn Whitlock
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      Yes, I’ve already checked out Prindle Station. I ordered some replacement parts from them. Their advice is to remove as much rust as possible, prime and paint. I’m hoping to find someone who has used a rust converter on their bell and let me know the results.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      I’ve used rust converter on other things, but never on a bell. It might work, but I’ve just not tried it. I’ve just taken the bell apart, sand blasted iron and steel bells and the parts, primered it, then top coated it with a good enamel. You don’t want to sand blast bronze bells, however. — Neil

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      I would consider spending $40 and having a sand blaster clean it via bead or walnut shell media.
      This works so well you will be amazed. Do not let the blaster use abrasive media. There is no reason to remove metal in this project.
      After it is blasted you may find it so attractive you may consider clear coat. It looks that good after bead blasting.

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