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      Linda writes:

      I am having difficulty signing on to the bell forum to ask my question therefore I am resolving to emailing you directly. I am giving a talk this Saturday at the Northern California Bell Club Meeting and I am looking for a picture of an old cow bell clapper called a Navajo Clapper. It is a rod suspended inside the bell and the bottom of the rod has 4 prongs to make the ringing of the bell easy as the animal moved his head. Do you know of anywhere I can find this picture? I have been on line for the last 2 hours searching and found lots of interesting information on clappers but not this Navajo clapper. I would appreciate any help or assistance you can give to me.

      If you can help, please post a response.

      This inquiry was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. Responses are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.

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      I was doing some research the other night and came across a catalog page in an old Bell Tower that had a picture of a Navajo cow bell with a clapper that looks like the one you described. I thought I would post a picture of it so others would know what you were asking for. I’m sorry we couldn’t find a picture in time for your bell talk but if you ever do that program again, you will now have a picture.

      This was in a supplement of The Bell Tower titled Stalking the Stock Bells that was printed in January 1978. I couldn’t find a name of the maker on the catalog page. If anyone knows the maker, please share that information with us!


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Here is an ad from an old Bevin Brothers catalogue that was published in the November-December, 1988, The Bell Tower:

      The text says:

      Formed from Wrought Steel, Broad Steel Loop
      Warranted Not to Crack. Cross Tongue – suspended from Portion of Logo that Extends Through the Bell.


      No. 13 Copper Plated 3 3/8 inch
      No. 14 Nickel Plated 3 3/8 inch
      No. 13 1/2 Copper Plated 3 3/4 inch
      No. 14 1/2 Nickel Plated 3 3/4 inch
      No. 17 Copper Plated 4 inches
      No. 18 Nickel Plated 4 inches
      No. 19 Copper Plated 4 1/2 inches
      No. 20 Nickel Plated 4 1/2 inches
      No. 15 Copper Plated 5 inches
      No. 16 Nickel Plated 5 inches

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