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      I found out from the man that posted on my bell, that he has a friend with the same bell. He gave me the man’s contact information, he lives in California, and we talked on the phone. His bell was left to him by his grandfather. His grandfather said that the bell was made by the California Bell Co. owned by Mrs. ASC Forbes between 1914 and 1955. I email the California Bell Co. and they confirmed that this was a replacia bell made from a 700lb. bell that still hangs in the San Miguel Chapel, Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am still not sure how many of these same replacias were made, or still exsist. But I know she made replacias of many different old Mission bells and sold them in her gift shop between 1914 and 1955. She also made may different other types of bells.
      She also put together a organization to install bells along the Great El Camino Real Highway from Mexico to Northern California. Most of these bells have been stollen or distroyed. But there is a contract with the new owner of the California Bell Co. to make approx. another 400 to 500 new bells to replace the old ones.
      Also I emailed the San Miguel Chapel to ask if there was a picture of the bell that hangs in the chapel. He send me a beautiful postcard with a picture of the 780lb bell. This bell is a mystery, because, the date 1356 is believed to be a miss-casting. The 3 is thought to be an 8, making the date 1856. There has been much research done on this big bell, and many stories told, but really it is not known who, where, or when this bell was cast.
      A book named: “A GUIDE TO THE HISTORIC BELLS OF MRS. A.S.C. FORBES” By Max Kurillo and Erline M. Tuttle, is a wonderful book that tells all about Mrs. Forbes and her bells. Mr. Kurillo, I believe, has become a recent member of Bell Talk. He is a bell historian with a lot of great information about all kinds of bells. My bell is pictured in this book, discribed above, my replacia bell is the San Jose bell. Mr. Kurillo has also written other books about bells.

      Here is a url site I found on the web of Mrs. ASC Forbes bells owner of the California Bell Co. There are 23 different pictures of her and the bells she made. Mine is the St. Jose Bell.


      On this site use the arrow keys at the top of the pages to see all 23 pages, they are really very interesting.

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