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      I posted my ‘small’ crotal bell (chuckle: saw it called a “passifier” even though it would likely be swallowed whole by any child who tried to use it that way!) recently. Here’s my other unusual one – at the other end of the size spectrum!

      It was sold to me as an “Iran Ox bell” – possible, but that’s one wicked hook to put on any animal!

      Vital stats:
      All brass for the bell, all iron for the chain and hook.
      Bell is 3 inches in diameter, tear drop shaped and 4 inches tall.
      Single horizontal slot with brass ‘pea’ inside to ring it.
      Crude hand carved () decor on end (6 of them, 3 to a side).
      Hook is on a 9 inch chain of different diameter links and is 3 inches of pointed rough / crude hook-ishness on a swivel!

      Has the remnants of hand lettered red paint on one side that says “IRAN”.

      Think it’s an Ox bell? I’m thinking it’s more likely something that would be stabbed into a door frame and hung so that an animal coming in or out would brush by and ring it, myself.


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      This is a relatively modern animal bell and is most likely a camel bell from Iran. We frequently see sets of graduated, nested bells for the traditional camel bell, but crotals are also used. the hook would be inserted into the harnes with the sharp end facing outward to avoid injuring the animal.
      Harry Long, MD

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      I didn’t think of a camel!
      Great observation Harry!

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