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      Sometimes you get lucky! Here’s a bell with an interesting history I’d like to share with you!
      My most sought after bell or antique is one that has a history, and I was fortunate to stumble across this one!

      It has two inscriptions that allowed for a reasonably fast determination of it’s origin:


      Made from
      United Church

      It has a lead clapper and has a very slight magnetic attraction.
      2.5″ in diameter and just under 4 inches high.

      Constructed from the ashes of a Methodist chapel that burned down, the “First Church” itself succumbed to fire in 1946. The bell in it’s tower cracked when it collapsed and was melted down into 1500 miniature bells sold for $3 each as a fund raiser to rebuild. Opened again in 1950 this structure is still in use today!

      I’ll leave it to you, if interested, to look up the whole history – it’s fascinating, particularly how some of the congregation ‘tricked themselves’ into paying more for these bells!

      Here is one of the only 1500 bells made!


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