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      [attachment=0:133j2hqd]DSCN5358.jpg[/attachment:133j2hqd][attachment=1:133j2hqd]DSCN5357.jpg[/attachment:133j2hqd][attachment=2:133j2hqd]DSCN5328-1.jpg[/attachment:133j2hqd]I would like to see if anyone has any information on a bell that I have. This bell is non magnetic, approx. 3/8″ thick at the base, 7 1/4″ tall with an outside diameter at the base of 7 3/4″ across. There is a standing Virgin Mary holding a rosary in closed hands on each side. On one side of the Mary is a cross made up of 8(?ben franklin looking ugly angels ?)heads & the other side has 7 of the same heads randomly placed with the initials “F E” to the left of them towards the base of the bell.There is paint splattered on it, but until I find out what I have, I dont want to mess with it. The bell has a lovely ring. I got it from a friend in Georgia who was moving- she said that she had it awhile, and thought that it came from a mission. More pictures on photobucket- link below.
      Any assistance is appreciated! Thank you!


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