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      I have a wonderful large bell that I would like to know more about. It has U.S.A. engraved on the yolk. Does anyone have any information about this bell? I tried to upload pictures but was unable to. Thank you.

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      We need one or more photos and the bell’s dimensions.

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      A picture would be helpful in identifying the bell. The lettering would suggest US Army. The army had railroad engines with engine bells. If it is a large bell, it could be from a US Army Amphibious landing ship, a Liberty Ship, or other Army ship (yes, the Army had its own Navy in WWI and WWII to transport troops and supplies). Some of these were manufactured by M. Greenberg Sons of San Francisco (label inside the shoulder next to the clapper). If it is small and made of steel, it would have been made by the CS Bell Co. Again, we can be more helpful if you could send a picture.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Carolyn Whitlock


      If you didn’t follow the directions for posting pictures on the forum that are on viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3776, you may want to try posting using that method.


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      Hi and Welcome to the BellTalk Forum!

      Just as others have already posted, photos will aid us in identifying your bell. Besides photos, it will be helpful if you provide any or all of the following:

      • Height of the bell

      • Diameter of the bottom of the skirt

      • Writing or engraving on the bell

      • Material from which the bell was made

      • History about the bell that you may have

      • Photo of the outside of the bell

      • Photo of the inside of the bell

      If you continue to have problems posting photos, you can email me the pictures, I can probably get them added to your posting.

      I hope you get some great responses to your question once your post photos! Please understand though, that this organization is an all-volunteer one and and sometimes you get quick responses; other times you get answers after months of waiting. So please have patience.

      Bellfully yours,

      Rona Kesselman
      American Bell Association International, Inc.
      2011-2012 President and
      Internet Coordinator

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