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      Hi my name is Jim and I have a ships bell from the Tybee. She was scrapped in 1978 and my fatherwas able to save the bell along with some perko signal lights. I am curious if anyone could help to give an opinion as to the value of the bell. I’ve done my own research but have not been able to find much that is useful as I can not find equivalent bells to my own. It does not have the clapper or mount but is otherwise in excellent condition. I’ve included a pic. Thanks in advance for any help.

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      No photo shows up. Lacking photos, detailed dimensions and description would help members answer.

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      Hello Jim

      The maximum file size you can upload is 512KB
      The simplest website for resizing that I have found is …

      Browse to where your picture is located
      Click Open, image will upload to picresize website
      Click Continue
      Leave all default settings as they are
      Scroll down to bottom
      In step 4 “Save As” – enter 512 in MaxFilesize box
      Click I’m Done, Resize My Picture
      Click Save to Disk
      Click Save, this will save the resized picture to your Downloads file
      You will find the picture renamed as rsz_original name

      Hope this helps

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      Thanks for the info on resizing the pic. The bell is 11 & 3/4 across the bottom and almost 10 inches tall. Has no cracks or other blemishes that would not be removed by a thorough cleaning and polishing. I do not have the original mount or clacker (unsure of proper term). As I said my father was able to salvage the bell before she was scrapped and it has been in the garage for the last 30 plus years. I would be grateful for any info as to an idea of the value or at least a base point. I have had a few offers for the bell over the last 2 years but I believe them to be quite low. The Tubes was not in any major battles that I can confirm but the Tybee Islands off Georgia of which she was named have developed a bit of a significant history due to the loss of an atom bomb many years ago. The bell in its own right is almost 80 years old. Having the name and date casted into during manufacture I would assume it’s value to be more than the 150.00 I have been offered.

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