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      Steve Piszar

      Hi, I’m a novice when it comes to bells although they have always interested me. I recently rediscovered a bell that originally was my grandmother’s. It is brass, looks individually made, and has markings like stars, raised squares, and xxx’s in cirlces around the bell. The bell is six inches tall and slightly oval (4 3/4in x 41/4in,) although I’m not sure if it has been compressed and was originally round. It also has a 1- 1/4in flat extention with a rounded rectangluar hole thorough it. The bell is quite thick and heavy. One more note worthy feature is that it appears to have a treated leather? noose inside that looks like it was placed into the molten metal, if this is possible. I would like to know what kind of handle this bell is likely to have as well as clapper and hanger. I would also appreciate any other thoughts you might have as to the bell’s age, use and origin. My fantasies think it could be a bell that was use in herding or perhaps a cook’s bell in a wagon train, maybe even some kind of an institutional bell (School, court etc). My first thought was that the bell was eastern european in origin, but that may be because of my grandmother origin. I do not think that she brought the bell with her from europe, but that in may have been a salvage piece that was saved from smelting by one of my uncles. I appreciate any help you cn give me. I wrote too much already, more on the 2nd bell next time. Thank you, Steve

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      A picture is imperative.
      HJLong, MD

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