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      I am trying to help my Uncle with his collection of items, he has 3 large bells that he has displayed in his front yard, they have been there for over 40 years, as I remember them as a child. he is now in a nursing home and needs me to help him. the bells are marked, C1 N BELL CO. 40″ , #30 YOKE 30″ BELL, and CS BELL CO. HILLSBORO OHIO STEEL ALLOY CHURCH BELL 42″ all are complete and in great condition, any idea what they might be worth? thanks in advance for your help.

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      There is considerable information on CSBell Co. in this forum. Just type CS Bell in the search box above and you should be able to access everything in this forum on the topic.
      HJLong, MD

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      I have given the same advice as Harry has to many people. Unfortunately, all that comes up is a message saying “The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words:”. The search feature does not recognize the fact that the name of the man for whom the company is named was “C. S. Bell”.

      If you go to our Forum on Big Bells at viewforum.php?f=4 and scroll through the pages, you’ll find the discussions to which Harry is referring. Many people have asked forum members for opinions of the value of their bells. Responses to your questions might be found in this section that is now 8 pages long.

      Please keep in mind that any responses are opinions of the writer and do not represent official responses from the American Bell Association International, Inc. The organization does not appraise bells nor do we maintain a list of appraisers.

      If you haven’t already done so, you may want to look at online auction sites to see what other people are asking for their C. S. Bell Co. bells.

      Good luck!
      Admin (Carolyn)

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      You can call Lowerbells for free advice on the value of your bells .You can find there number on there web site Lowerbells.com

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      Neil Goeppinger

      The C 1 N was actually CIN which stands for the Cincinnati Bell Co. It usually appeared in a shield area in the center of the yoke. — Neil Goeppinger

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