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      After 10 years of driving past an old church sitting empty since the 30s, I decided to buy it and renovate it into my house. As a single female, I poured every ounce of energy and money I could drum up. I did alot of the work myself. The bell that came from the church has been sitting in a man’s yard. His wife just passed last week and his son is moving him out of state. So now I have the chance to make an offer. He’s not likely going to let it go cheap. It’s a Blymer Norton 32 cast iron. Perfectly intact but without the wheel. Has many coats of paint on it. What would be a reasonable cash offer… just need some plain old advice. Thank you!!!!

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      Neil Goeppinger

      The wheel was probably made of wood and rotted away. The mountings appear complete. I would say $800 to $1,100 range. You may want to look at ebay and see if any in this size range made of iron or steel have sold. Don’t look at the price they have for “buy now” as most of those don’t sell, and don’t look at bronze bells as they go much higher. — Neil

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      Before you make an offer ask him to set a price. You might get it cheaper than you think. Have you rung it? A hairline crack is sometimes not easily visible but will destroy the resonance of a bell. Good luck!

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