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      Hello everyone, I am asking for information about a 12″ bronze locomotive bell that has a pnuematic bell ringer that was made by Transportl Ptn Devices Corp. I suspect that it came from a post WW2 diesel locomotive but cannot find any information about the company on the web. The name is cast into the bell ringer on the air cylinder. This question is also currently posted at Railraodiana Online Q&A Board, http://www.railroadiana.org, and there is a photo of the bell and the ringer posted there. Thanks for any help that you can provide, Ken McCown

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      This could have been a diesel electric engine bell without a yoke, but I would guess that the yoke has been separated from the bell for scrap. The pneumatic ringer may help identify the railroad, but these were rather generic and may have been used by several railroads. You may get useful information from the following website http://www.bellsandbirmans.com .
      Harry Long, MD

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      Jim Broussard

      I recently acquired a 17 in. Bronze train bell. In a recent post I asked about a bracket that was cast in the yoke and was told that it was probably for an air ringer. The ringer arm is in the other side from the bracket.
      What year did the air ringer become popular?


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      For people who are interested in knowing more about railroad bells, I suggest you go to this excellent website:


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