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      I just purchased an old school bell (circa 1880) and need to transport it. It is quite heavy, I think. Any ideas on how to transport it? In other words, is this a “4 guys renting a truck” type job? Or is this a “Renting someone with a forklift” type job? From the looks of it it is a “normal” size school bell.

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      No one can answer your question without a rough idea of its size, as “large” bells can range in weight from tens of pounds to tens of tons. Is it bronze or steel? What’s the diameter, measured across the mouth? Is it a bare bell, or does it have a yoke and supports? &c.

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      Here is a pic of the bell. It appears to be some type of cast iron…roughly 20 inches in diameter and a tad less from top to bottom.

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      A 20-inch steel bell, complete with fittings, should weigh about 150 lbs, and thus should be manageable by two men.

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      Thanks so much!

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      If it’s not too late…
      I recommend removing the wheel and the clapper so that neither bear the weight of the bell bowl, risking damage to the pieces.
      Also do not transport with the bell sitting in the belfry stands as this also risks damage to the stands and the yoke.
      Disassemble the parts and transport the bowl resting evenly on its rim, securing the other parts separately.
      Do not hesitate to break the smaller bolts or nuts rusted in place, as they are easily replaced with square headed parts available in most hardware stores. Avoid harm to the main bolt however. The main bolt nut can be replaced easily though, so grinding it or cutting off in restoration disassembly is OK.
      This would apply to any large bell as I have moved and restored them from 20″ to 36″ in diameter weighing up to 900lbs.
      Good luck

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