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      ovidiu oana

      What are tiger bells?

      Tiger bells are bronze jingle bells. Jingle bells are globularly shaped, hollow and have a pellet made of metal or stone inside which produces the sound when the bell is shaken. Tiger bells stand apart from other bells because of the peculiar design on the surface: a stylized tiger’s head. Very often the hoop is rectangular. On the top half of the bell’s surface you often see one or two Chinese characters and some curls and curved lines, possibly floral motifs.

      A very proffesional history of asian Tiger bells was written by Fekke de Jager and you can find it at:

      I have in my collection 3 pcs comming from Indochina area, the smallest one is really old.

      Photo above present some shaman jingle bells.
      (see also: )

      Thank you!
      The next post will be about worldwide jingle bells.

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      hi guys I got bell I dont know what to do with it just intresting peas maybe I dont know is gold cloor gor a few pic on it and same names

      names is like that


      has anyone know what is that?

      or can same one mail me please

      thanks guy

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      Please go to viewtopic.php?f=19&t=435&p=785&hilit=Evangelist+Bell#p785 and look at the picture of the Evangelist bell at the bottom of the page. Is that like your bell?

      If you send the pictures to me, I will put them with your posting. Please send them to

      Admin (Carolyn)

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